How to submit an abstract

Abstracts will be prepared by you and submitted via an online system. Submission by post or e-mail is not possible.

1. Please create your private account when registering as an author. You will then receive your password by e-mail. Please note that it may also happen that the mail reply with your private password arrives in your spam folder. If you have not received your password by e-mail after 1 hour, please write an e-mail to

2. After receiving your password, please log in with your e-mail and password. You can now enter your abstract under abstract submission. Please follow the steps given to do so.
Please note that for security reasons you will automatically be logged out of the system after 1 hour. All unsaved data will then be lost. We therefore recommend that you write the abstract beforehand and copy the abstract text into the text field.

3. Please submit the abstract in full. It is not possible to save it temporarily. It is possible to edit the abstract at any time until the submission deadline.

4. After successful submission of your abstract you will receive a confirmation email. Please also check your spam folder.

5. You can now register at any time and submit further abstracts or modify existing abstracts until the deadline on 04 January 2022. Submitting or saving after the deadline is no longer possible!

6. Please note that the scientific committee will evaluate the abstracts and therefore the preference between oral and poster presentation chosen at the time of submission is not a guarantee.

Authors' notes and format requirements
1. 2,500 characters are allowed for the abstract text including spaces, references and captions. Author names and titles must also be included. There is no character buffer for this. The title may not include the name of the author's own institute/clinic or product or brand names. In addition, no reference to participating institutes or clinics may appear in the abstract text, as the evaluation is anonymous. The content must not have been presented at another annual conference or published in a scientific journal.

2. tables or graphics (max. 2 with a size of up to 300 KB) in the abstract may be submitted in .png or .jpg format. Graphics and tables will be printed in black and white in the online publication (eGMS). The graphics will be placed below the abstract text.

3. the abstract will be published online in citable form as submitted. 

Form criteria
The abstract must be submitted in English. The title must be given in both German and English. The programme committee reserves the right to correct orthographic errors and to standardise English spellings.

The following structure must be adhered to:

  1. Objective
  2. Methods (selection of study subjects or laboratory animals, methods of study and analysis of data)
  3. Results (results of the study with specific data and results of statistical analyses)
  4. Conclusion (conclusions drawn from the results)

Be sure to argue coherently and present your results clearly. The abstract should be topic-specific and meet the scientific and linguistic requirements of the annual conference. Please make sure to refer to the sources used.

Please include these headings in bold type in the abstract text.

Please note the submission deadline. All contributions submitted after this date can unfortunately not be considered.

Signatures / Declaration of consent
By submitting the abstract, each author agrees to take responsibility for the content. The authors vouch that the abstract submitted is unpublished and that clinical investigations have been carried out with the approval of the ethics committee and animal experiments with the approval of the authorities.

The authors agree that if the poster/presentation is accepted, one of the authors will personally make the presentation at the specified time during the Annual Meeting. The authors agree to the abstract publication on this website at

The list of authors should comply with the guidelines of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors ( It is particularly noted that when presenting surgical results, the main surgeons responsible should be included as authors.

Abstracts must be submitted in English ready for publication by 08. January 2023. Their content must not have already been presented at another annual conference or published in a scientific journal. The publication of the accepted.

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