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The extreme athlete Anja Blacha fought her way alone with a sled weighing over 100 kilos over a 1400-kilometer route through the Antarctic to the South Pole in only 58 days – a historic record, because it was the longest "solo, unsupported, unassisted" polar expedition of a woman in history. At the same time, Anja Blacha was also the youngest woman who ever managed such a polar expedition. When she reached her destination, she hoisted her flag with the message “NOT BAD FOR A GIRL”. Anja Blacha dedicates her expedition to all women and dispels prejudices by showing what a woman can do without extreme muscle strength but with precise planning, the right focus, motivation and perseverance.

Anja Blacha is 29 years old and grew up in Bielefeld. Today Anja Blacha lives and works in Zurich. A few months before her South Pole expedition, she was the first German woman to conquer K2 and even before that, she was the youngest German to climb Mount Everest. She also climbed the Seven Summits – the highest mountains on the continents – in less than 3 years.

Der virtuelle Weinabend wird kein gewöhnlicher sein. Er steht ganz im Zeichen der Geschichte der Neurochirurgie und wird für Sie als leidenschaftliche NeurochirurgInnen ebenso interessant werden wie für Ihre Familien! Prof. Collmann, Historian unserer DGNC und sehr belesener Experte wird anekdotenhaft die Entwicklung eines faszinierenden Fachgebietes beleuchten. Darüber hinaus werden wertvolle neurochirurgische Buchbände zur Versteigerung kommen – natürlich für einen guten und gemeinnützigen Zweck. 

Date: Sunday, 6 June 2021  
Time: 20:30 hrs. CET  



50 EUR (incl. shipping of the wine)
bookable until 10 May 2021; in case of any questions, please contact


Look forward to a small wine collection from the Saale-Unstrut region and toast virtually with your colleagues.

Wine selection:

  • 2020 Gutedel DQW (Rotwein)
  • 2020 Auxerrois Werktag (Weißwein)
    Werkstück Weimar
    Weimarer Poetenweg
  • 2020 Dornfelder Rosé Werktag
    Werkstück Weimar
    Weimarer Poetenweg
Sandra Warzeschka
© Sandra Warzeschka


A journey to the land of wine and stone - welcome to Saale-Unstrut

© WBV Saale Unstrut/Nicky Hellfritzsch freshshots

The Saale-Unstrut wine region impresses with its unique vineyard backdrop, untouched landscapes, steep terraces, centuries-old dry stone walls and romantic vineyard cottages. With three wines from Germany's northernmost quality wine-growing region, we will take you to actively experience the region.

The wines will be presented to you by the former wine queen, Mrs. Sandra Warzeschka.

(will be held in German)