What is the NeuroRun?
The virtual NeuroRun will take place for the first time as part of the Annual Meeting of the DGNC 2021. However, the long-term goal is to establish the NeuroRun as a fixed part of the social programme of the DGNC Annual Meeting. Not only to do good for ourselves, but also to support others. Since one of the main topics this year is "Rare Diseases" we want to support NF2 (Neurofibromatosis Type 2) patients or rather the newly founded NF2 Merlin Foundation with the donations collected. The goal is to run together an overall distance of 367 kilometres (distance Erfurt-Cologne) to hand over the baton to the DGNC 2022 in Cologne.

Where will the NeuroRun take place?
This year's NeuroRun will take place virtually. You can run anywhere – all you need is the running route of your choice, a pair of running shoes and your NeuroRun shirt, which will be sent to you by mail.

When does the NeuroRun take place?
You can register your running time and distance from 26 May–8 June 2021 on the conference website Don't forget to upload your personal NeuroRun selfie!

How can I participate in the NeuroRun?
You can register on the conference website. The registration fee is 10 EUR.

What happens after my registration?
A few days before 26 May 2021, you will receive your NeuroRun shirt to the address you provided. Lace up your running shoes and let's go!

What to do in case of questions?
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Alexandra Meier