There will be a NeuroRun again this year!
Join us and run for a good cause.

After a first successful run in Erfurt, the goal now is to collect kilometers for the Annual Meeting in Cologne.
To bring the baton from Cologne to Stuttgart, 330 km have to be covered. Join us and contribute virtually to this distance and help to collect donations for the Deutsche Hirntumorhilfe e.V. and the Deutsche Parkinson Vereinigung Bundesverband e.V.. The fee will be donated halved directly to the organisations.

So motivate your colleagues, friends and patients!

Where will the NeuroRun take place?
This year's NeuroRun will take place virtually again. You can run anywhere – all you need is the running route of your choice, a pair of running shoes and your NeuroRun shirt, which will be sent to you by mail.

When does the NeuroRun take place?
You can register your running time and distance from 15–28 May on the conference website Don't forget to upload your personal NeuroRun selfie!

How can I participate in the NeuroRun?
You can register on the conference website. The registration fee is 15 EUR. You can add an additional donation amount of 5 EUR, 15 EUR or 35 EUR to this registration fee by yourself.
Runner registered until 25 April will receive their NeuroRun shirt to the address provided. Please note that for registrations after 25 April, the shirt delivery is not possible.
Lace up your running shoes and let's go!

What to do in case of questions?
Conventus Congressmanagement & Marketing GmbH
Elena Haucke

NeuroRun Flyer (PDF)

Registration to NeuroRun

Destination from Cologne to Stuttgart 330km 

Kilometres run: 267.69

Runner Kilometres
Marcel Seiz-Rosenhagen (Memmingen) 9,88 
Andreas Reinke (Donauwörth) 10,48
Veerle Visser-Vandewalle (Köln) 6,22
Ulrike Dükert (Berlin) 10,02
Roland Goldbrunner (Köln) 12,21
Michael Rapp (Wilich) 21,11
Stefan Dunkel (Böblingen) 20,04
Steffen Rosahl (Erfurt) 23
Katrin Kaufmann (Erfurt) 23
Rene Machts (Freiburg) 35,8
Alexander Druse (Postmünster) 9,93
Susanne Fichte (Erfurt) 10,5
Rebekka Hahn (Hamburg) 15,5
Klaus Brunswig (Bad Schwartau) 5
Marc Bartnitzky (Willich) 6
Stephan Dützmann (Königstein) 12,2
Claudius Thomé (Innsbruck) 22,79
Hans Clusmann (Aachen) 10
Sylvia Lehradt (Frankfurt/Main) 14