ePoster Sessions

Below you will find a clear overview of the stations where your ePosters will be presented on Monday and Tuesday.

Station 1: P001–P010, J-SPNC001
Pediatric Hydrocephalus – Joint Session with the Brazilian Society of Pediatric Neurosurgery (SBNPed)

Station 2: P011–P018
Mixed topics

Station 3: J-SBNC002, J-SPNC002, P019–P023, J-SBNC003–J-SBNC007
Vascular neurosurgery

Station 4: P024–P035
Experimental Neuro-Oncology I

Station 5: P036–P047
Experimental Neuro-oncology II

Station 6: P048–P058, J-SPNC003
Neuro-Oncology I

Station 7: P059–P068, J-SBNC008
Neuro-Oncology II

Station 8: P069–P078, J-SBNC009, J-SBNC010
Skull base I

Station 9: J-SBNC011, P079–P089
Trauma I

Station 10: P090–P101
Spine I

Station 11: P102–P110, J-SBNC012– J-SBNC014
Functional neurosurgery I

Station 12: P111–P118, J-SBNC015, J-SBNC016
Functional neurosurgery II

Station 13: P119–P129
Neurophysiology, IOM, imaging and spectroscopy

Station 1: P130–P139, J-SBNPed003
Pediatric Neuro-Oncology – Joint Session with the Brazilian Society of Pediatric Neurosurgery (SBNPed)

Station 2: P140–P149, J-SBNC022, J-SBNC023
Vascular neurosurgery II

Station 3: P150–P158, J-SBNC024, J-SBNC025
Vascular neurosurgery III

Station 4: P159–P166
Experimental Neuro-Oncology III

Station 5: P167–P176, J-SBNC026
Neuro-Oncology III

Station 6: P177–P182, J-SBNC027–J-SBNC030, J-SPNC006
Neuro-Oncology IV

Station 7: P183–P192, J-SBNC031
Neuro-Oncology V

Station 8: P193–P203

Station 9: P204–P214, J-SBNC032
Spine II

Station 10: P215–P221

Station 11: P222–P231
Functional neurosurgery III

Station 12: P232–P242, J-SPNC007
Complications, monitoring and trauma

Station 13: P243–P251
Innovative teaching in neurosurgery