Plenary sessions

11:15–12:45 hrs.

Roland H. Goldbrunner (Cologne/DE)
Yoko Nakasu (Shiga/JP)

Volker Tronnier (Lübeck/DE)

Recent advances in treatments of brain metastasis
Shinya Sato (Yamataga/JP)

Chances and limits of intraoperative optical imaging in glioma and metastasis surgery
Gabriele Schackert (Dresden/DE)

Awake mapping for supramaximal resection of low-grade gliomas
Hugues Duffau (Montpellier/FR)

Clonality of circulating tumour cells in brain metastasis patients
Manfred Westphal (Hamburg/DE)

15:30–17:00 hrs.
Vascular neurosurgery

Volker Seifert (Frankfurt am Main/DE)
Toru Iwama (Gifu/JP)

Peter Vajkoczy (Berlin/DE)

Current status of the cerebrovascular surgery in Japan
Jun C. Takahashi (Osaka/JP)

Treatment of intracranial aneurysms and the continuous role of microsurgery
Volker Seifert (Frankfurt am Main/DE)

Challenges in the treatment of brain AVMs
Michael T. Lawton (Phoenix, AZ/US)

Cavernomas – clinical and research issues
Ulrich Sure (Essen/DE)

10:30–12:00 hrs.
Degenerative and traumatic spine in the elderly

Claudius Thomé (Innsbruck/AT)
Phyo Kim (Dokkyo/JP)

Myoarchitectonic spinolaminoplasty – versatile and useful approach for various cervical spine lesions
Ryu Kurokawa (Tochigi/JP)

Odontoid fractures in octogenarians 
Bernhard Meyer (München/DE)

Surgery in the geriatric spine – Minimillally invasive?, Maximally effective?
Michael Yung-Shun Wang (Miami, FL/US)

Correction principles, results and complication management in degenerative spine deformity surgery
Henry Halm (Neustadt in Holstein/DE)

14:15–15:45 hrs.
Functional neurosurgery

Joachim K. Krauss (Hannover/DE)
Takashi Morishita (Fukuoka/JP)

Veerle Visser-Vandewalle (Köln/DE)

Past, present and future of lesioning surgery for movement disorders
Shiro Horisawa (Tokyo/JP)

Are there still indications for DBS in psychiatric diseases?
Jürgen Voges (Magdeburg/DE)

Application of high-focussed ultrasound in functional neurosurgery
Andres Lozano (Toronto, ON/CA)

Central neuromodulation for the treatment of chronic pain
Dirk Rasche (Lübeck/DE)

10:30–12:00 hrs.
Trauma and intensive care

Jürgen Meixensberger (Leipzig/DE)
Hiroshi Karibe (Sendai/JP)

The management of sports-related concussion and head injuries in Japan
Haruo Nakayama (Toho/JP)

Traumatic brain injury – the German situation in 2020
Andreas W. Unterberg (Heidelberg/DE)

Treatment of blast injuries in major attacks
James M. Ecklund (Falls Church, VA/US)

New horizons or Pandora's box? – Complex neuromonitoring in 200 ICU patients
Gerrit A. Schubert, Hans Clusmann (Aachen/DE)

12:00–13:30 hrs.
Ethics and digital medicine

Steffen Rosahl (Erfurt/DE)
Kaoru Kurisu (Hiroshima/JP)

Development of a digital supporting system for neuroendovascular therapy
Kuiyasu Niizuma (Sendai/JP)

How AI will change medicine – realistic estimations and explanation of drawbacks
Michael Forsting (Essen/DE)

Will artificial intelligence transform neurosurgery?
Steffen Rosahl (Erfurt/DE)

Moral and ethical considerations of artificial intelligence in medicine
Christoph Rehmann-Sutter (Lübeck/DE)