User manual for the digital conference

  • In regard of connectivity and quality, we recommend the use of a LAN connection instead of the use of wifi.
  • Please make sure that you are using the latest version of your internet browser.
  • Please make sure that your audio and video quality is sufficient.

As regular participants:

As active session participants (chairs, speakers, poster authors)

In case you are working with a company device (PC, laptop) in the company network (e.g. clinic, company) or with a rental device, please clarify the following points with your IT department:

1. The following ports must be open:

  • Port 443 (https)
  • for security reasons, port 80 (http)

2. JavaScript must be activated in your browser.

3. The following domains must not be blocked by your firewall:

  • Domain congress platform:
  • Domain programme management:
  • Domain for verification: *
  • Participant chat:
  • Support chat
  • Live streaming:

General rules

  • Please use your real name unless your pseudonym is generally known.
  • Please use a profile picture (portrait, face not covered) so that participants can identify you and can get in touch with you more easily.
  • Recording presentations in any form (audio, video, photo) as well as distributing the material is not permitted.

Chat rules

  • Politeness and respect are of highest priority.
  • Please follow the chairs’ instructions.
  • Personal offense, racist and sexist comments are not permitted, and will be deleted accordingly.
  • Spam and ads are not permitted either and will be deleted accordingly.

The organisers retain the right that they will exclude anyone who does not follow the rules listed.

Please note that all of the participants registered for the conference will have access to the on-demand material (if the authors agreed to their presentations being available online) presumably until 15 July 2021.

You will have access to the conference material after the conference on the digital conference platform. Please note that the on-demand material is already included in your conference registration.


The conference material will be available presumably until 15 July 2021. Until then, you can rewatch the presentations available. Please note that the authors can decide up-on availability of their presentations. Thus, not all of the presentations might be available online after the conference. Please also take into account that the certficication of the medical chamber in Thuringia only applies to the live conference.

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