Information on uploading your presentations/ePosters

Please prepare your ePoster as follows:

  1. File type: PowerPoint presentation, PDF or JPG
  2. Format: landscape 16:9 (resolution min. 3840x2160, 72 dpi)
  3. Language: English or German
  4. Size: maximum 1 slide 

In addition, please record your 3-minute talk and upload both files in the upload center. Important information for recording your short talk can be found below:

Please prepare your presentation slides as usual in PowerPoint in a 16:9 format. Include your potential conflict(s) of interest on the first or last slide of your presentation if there are any. Those must be visible for 10 seconds.

Below you can find several options of how to pre-record your presentation. Your presentation should be no longer than 7 minutes. You may also hold your presentation live if you wish. In this case, please submit your presentation slides.

We recommend Microsoft PowerPoint from 2019 or Office 365 to record the presentation with webcam, this works on Mac and Windows. Please find below an instruction video:
> Instruction video

In older versions of Microsoft PowerPoint, only the audio can be recorded; please find the
> instruction for this

The following services are also useful for pre-recording:
OBS: the presentation is stored locally on the computer. It is an open-source recording tool and can also be used for livestreaming. So it is a bit more complicated to use. If you need to record future presentations, the installation is worthwhile.
> To the explanatory video 
> Download OBS

Loom: stores the recording on servers in the cloud. Here lectures up to 5 minutes can be recorded for free. A one-time 14-day trial offers unlimited video creation (no automatic subscription). Compatible with Windows and Mac.
> To the explanatory video
> Download Loom

Mac users can record the video using QuickTime Player. However, no webcam can be integrated here.
> To the tutorial